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Iridium 8 channel satellite communications system MCG-108

Main characteristics
SKU 1217
Vendor Iridium
Category Fixed
Standart ISDN/PRI - Iridium - More … ISDN/PRI - Iridium - FXS/FXO
Power source 110-220V
Display Lcd
Dimensions, HWD 8.89x45.72x48.26 cm
Weight 24 kg
Shipment World Wide
Price 47900 $
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The MCG-108 is an eight-channel satellite communications system that connects any PBX, public switch telephone network, or telephone to Iridium's truly global satellite network. This unique system can be used as a self-contained IP PBX or as a back-up solution. It was created to provide a reliable, always ‘on’ PBX solution and if the power fails for any reason, the MCG-108 seamlessly activates without the caller knowing – ideal for emergency management, remote locations or hurricane support.


As the MCG-108 can be used as a primary IP PBX phone system, it has the ability to provide all of the traditional PBX features, such as voice mail, extensions, conference calling, intelligent call routing, and call forwarding, as well as interfacing with a T-1, E-1 or analog system.

There are pin numbers to allow access according to management status, giving call priority to top executives. An embedded computing platform inside a single case comes as standard, with a Layer 3 switch for complex customer networking requirements, along with a fully redundant power supply.

There is also Solid State Storage instead of traditional spinning disks to increase reliability, shock endurance and lower power consumption. One of the best mechanical features is a removable lid for easy access to all eight SIM cards.

Configuration of the system and upgrades are performed via a fully encrypted tunnel for simple maintenance and implementation. GSE can configure, test remote systems and diagnose any potential issues remotely.

How It Works

In a disaster or failure of your regular telephone service, all of the outgoing calls are automatically routed through the MCG-108 satellite PBX using reliable satellite technology. When a caller picks up the phone, the satellite PBX will automatically use the first available satellite phone. When everything else fails, you can rely on the MCG-108 Satellite PBX to backup all of your communications.

Can I use it as a primary phone system?
Yes, the MCG-108 Satellite PBX is a self-contained IP PBX. This means it is capable of working independently of any other phone system. You can connect any IP phone directly into the satellite PBX and then receive and make phone calls. You can even set up voice mail, extensions, intelligent call routing, and many other PBX features.


Remote call pickup 
Remote office support 
Supervised transfer 
Three-way calling 
Time and date 
Voice mail 
Automated attendant 
Blind transfer 
Call detail records 
Call forwarding on busy 
Call parking 
Call queuing 
Call retrieval 
Call routing (DID & ANI) 
Call transfer 
Call waiting 
Conference bridging 
Database store/retrieve 
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