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Thuraya Atlas IP+ Marine terminal

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Thuraya Atlas IP+ Marine terminal
Thuraya Atlas IP+ Marine terminal
  • Thuraya Atlas IP+ Marine terminal
  • Thuraya Atlas IP+ Marine terminal
  • Thuraya Atlas IP+ Marine terminal
Main characteristics
SKU 2244
Vendor Thuraya
Category Marine
Standart Thuraya/L-band - GPS - More … Thuraya/L-band - GPS - FXS/FXO - WiFi
Antenna Stable marine
Internet Standard IP down/up: 444/404 kbps
Connectors RJ-11, RJ-45, USB
Analogue Fax support 9.6 kbits (G3 standard)
Delivery set Modem, cables, Marine Antenna
Dimensions, HWD 293,9 õ 243,9 õ 68,6 mm
Weight 6 kg
Shipment Worldwide
Price 5303 $
Other currency 4850 ˆ
In stock
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Thuraya Atlas IP+ is specially designed as a multifunctional satellite terminal for maritime voice and data transmission at speeds up to 444kbps to improve the quality of communications for end users and improve the efficiency and safety of ships. This terminal is used on commercial, cargo, fishing, government and passenger ships.

It has the lowest power consumption, compact size and greater functionality than comparable sea terminals of competing companies.

The terminal includes a module that allows you to automatically transfer data from ship equipment in the M2M system with the ability to change the message size and data transmission time interval.

There is a possibility of asymmetric data transmission / reception rates in Streaming IP mode (16/32/64/128/256 / 384Kbps), which allows to reduce costs by up to 40%. 

Optimal data speeds

Thuraya Atlas IP+ offers the best data speeds for an L-band maritime terminal of its size, enabling even smaller ships to have broadband connectivity while maximizing their above and below deck space usage.

Flexible voice calls

Through its RJ11 port, the terminal’s BDU can be connected to any standard analog phone – including cordless models. This allows for simultaneous voice and data sessions. The voice calls run via the Thuraya VOIP services, lending a cost-effective service option.

Enhanced firewall capabilities

The built-in firewall in Atlas IP+ is easy to set up and goes beyond lending security to broadband communications by enabling ship owners or captains to control data traffic. The firewall allows load-intensive pages, such as video streaming or conferencing sites, as well as other undesirable domains to be blocked, ensuring that the available bandwidth is used efficiently and cost-effectively.

Tracking and reporting

The terminal comes with SMS tracking, position reporting and geo-fencing features, which can be integrated into a fleet management system to track the real-time location of vessels. Geo-fencing further allows automatic alerts to be sent to at-shore crew, who can then prepare for the arrival of an approaching vessel. This function can be set to send IP- or SMS based alerts for entering or leaving predetermined zones. Tracking is set by time duration between alerts or by distance moved by vessel.

Easy vessel integration and management

With four RJ45 LAN ports (and 1 with PoE), Atlas IP+ is easy to integrate into any ship’s network. Each port can be MAC address locked, which fortifies the system security. Additional terminal features facilitate improved vessel management. These include port forwarding, Wi-Fi antenna, alert button and circuit switch voice.


Block size above deck: 319.5mm (diameter) x 277mm (height)
Unit weight above deck: 3 kg
Underdeck unit: 293.9mm (L) x 243.9mm (W) x 68.6mm (H)
Unit weight below deck: 2.95 kg
Data rate (s):
Standard IP up to 444 kbps
Streaming IP: 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 or 384 kbps


Distress alert
Location transmission (tracking at a distance, tracking by time, setting geofences)


Multi-user router mode (NAT enabled)
Single User Router Mode (NAT Disabled)
DHCP server
Port forwarding
Built-in firewall
MAC address filtering
Built-in Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g


Remote IT support
Video conferencing
Vessel Tracking / Regulatory Compliance
Corporate Internet Access
Crew communication
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